This Agreement regulates the terms and conditions for using material on the site («website») and the online registration system of XI International Symposium on Electrohydrodynamics. FUNDAMENTALS & APPLICATIONS» (ISEHD2019) on the website which is operated by the company “MAKO Congress Management” («Administrator»).
1. General Provisions
1.1. The right to use the information and services of the «website» is governed by the current legislation of the Russian Federation.
1.2. This Agreement is a public offer. If the User accessed the agreement he can use the information and services provided by the «website».
1.3. All possible disputes in connection with the Agreement can only be settled by the current legislation of the Russian Federation.
1.4. Nothing in Agreement can be interpreted as agential relationship, association, collaboration, employment relationship or any other non - agreement relationships.

2. User's rights and obligations
2.1. The User agrees not to take actions against the current legislation of the Russian Federation and the standards of international law, and other operations that can bring to the «system» and the «website» disorder.
2.2. The User of the «website»/«system» entrusts personal data for handling: personal data of participant, information of the company, contact information of participant - according to paragraph 4 of the Federal Law on Personal Data Protection.
2.3. The User guarantees that he/she is over 18 years of age.
2.4. All the information that the User get about organizing and managing the Congress is confidential and must not be released.
2.5. The User is obliged not to release any confidential or protected by law information about physical/juridical person while using the «system».
2.6. The User has the right to reserve and pay for services with the help of the «system» if he keep the current Agreement.
2.7. Payment for services, avoidance of reservation and repayment carry out according the rules and terms of the «website» and the «system».
2.8. The User admits the right of the «Administrator» to use this information for publication in the Conference materials.
2.9. The «Administrator» does not responsible for the User visiting and using extra inputs, links that the «website» contains.
2.10. The registered user gives an agreement to get information about following events. To refuse the distribution of newsletters the User needs to write a disclaimer to
2.11. The User confirms that he/she consents to the «Agreement», rules of money transition, booking services and to the policy of cancellation and repayment.
2.12. The User receives registration confirmation letter to e-mail.

3. Administrator's rights and obligations
3.1. The Administration is obliged to maintain confidentiality of personal data and information and won't use it or publish it without the agreement of the User.
3.2. The Administrator has the right to remove the information which was published by the User in the «system» if it does not correlate with the terms of the «Agreement» or the current legislation of the Russian Federation.
3.3. The Administrator has the right to modify the online registration system of the Congress and the «website» in its sole discretion.
3.4. The Administration has the right to change the conditions of the «Agreement» unilaterally. All the changes become operative in 3 days after the new Agreement release. If the User does not agree with changes, he/she must write a disclaimer for using the information and services on the «website».
3.5. The Administration can pass the rights, which were given by the User, to a third party in order to fulfill the duties.
3.6. The Administrator does not bring a responsibility for a failure to execute the liabilities or to provide services because of the invalidation, timeliness of the User's information, which is called in conditions and terms of the current «Agreement».

4. Cancellation Policy:
4.1. For cancellation of service Participant should send the request to with indicating their name and the services that they want to cancel.

4.2. All refunds are governed by the current legislation of the Russian Federation. Refunds are made with the deduction of the Bank fee (except card payment).

If you have any questions about terms of the «Agreement», we kindly ask you to manage this with the Administrator:
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